Day 54

The morning is spent finalizing suitcases (after a last laundry) that will fly soon and suitcases that will move to a Step21 studio on campus. We then try the Bambi Café in front of our building, a Korean café and fluffy pancake place that has had quite some success since we arrived. We then grab suitcases and stuff to put in Noe’s office: the studio is close to the office, it will be easier for her. She will sleep one more night in Okubo, and move the last few things tomorrow. This gives us an excuse for a last stroll to campus, and to say goodbye to the office on which we worked, the four of us side by side!

We then walk to Takadanobaba station one more time, with the goal of grabing some memory pictures of the Yamamote line train. We take the train one stop to Shinjuku station, go for a last Shinjuku walk, have a last Tempura (early). At 6pm we are back in the apartment, we grab our stuff, and it is off to Tokyo station, then we go on to Funabashi, where we say goodbye to Noe. She will ride back to Shinkuku. The other three will ride the Keisei line to Narita, then find the hotel bus and go to the hotel. We arrive just in time to buy some sandwiches, eat them, then shower and sleep. 



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