December continues

Well, once Mamita and Papito and Mama away, we had some time to enjoy what Saint Niklaas got us: Eyquem got a vet to go with the zoo and the bits of the farm, so his room is now just animal land
IMG 1944

Then we had some christmas shopping to do, and we met this group of people requesting non sexist toy, which I encourage, but fails to register with Gadea who still wants princesses and stuff, hugh. But the kids got to meet Mother Christmas…

IMG 1945

IMG 1947

Eyquem is very happy to have received a shirt from his birth team (which fare well this week, no doubt thanks to his sporting the shirt!)

IMG 1952

After our visit to the farm with Mamita, Papito, and Mama, visit during which Eyquem heard that the farmer’s son was asking for chickens and roosters for christmas (“all chickens are his, and he is in it for the money; eggs sell”), Eyquem got thinking about having chickens. He made a coop for his plush chicken (in the photo), and is a bit disappointed I told him cats are too dangerous in the neighborhood 😀

IMG 1953

IMG 1954

To be continued…






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