December in Rennes

Well December came. And here, December is still a time when trees take one nice colors, as can be seen from the trees in front of my office window. (Today, 16th of December, all is gone).
IMG 1869
IMG 1870
IMG 1871
On the 6th, it is Saint Niklas day for us, the kids were excited. A tree was bought, and we absolutely had to decorated. The kids did most, but the star required height.
IMG 1880
IMG 1892
IMG 1897
IMG 1898
This year, Saint Nik came with more than gifts: Mamita and Papito paid a visit! So we had a great and exciting week-end. The weather conspired to keep it nice and sunny, if a bit cold. We took a nice walk in town, and one nice walk in the farmland, but Mamita was in control of the photo op!
IMG 1906
IMG 1913
IMG 1915
In fact that week and the next were nice, but with Mamita and Papito’s departure came the negative temps (at night only). At some point I thought these were leftover halloween decorations I hadn’t notice during the previous month, but, no…
IMG 1921






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