Danthine Navarro art

It used to be, Eyquem would almost draw nothing, which balanced the situation with Gadea, for whose drawings one needs close to a room and a half. Eyquem would justify the situation by stating that Gadea was too good, and he couldn’t draw as well. The situation has changed, and, well, we are running in trouble. Gadea is still top, but she faces a big demand at school for her drawings. But Eyquem is at his markers and pencils much more ofter these days.
A bird (Eyquem)

A girl (Gadea)

Aerial view of ENSAI, with the ponds in blue on top and the passerelle in brown. (Eyquem. Aerial view of ENSAI can be found here)

A bird and a tree (Eyquem)

Un autre oiseau
Une ville en feu avec un papa qui sauve un enfant (ou quelque chose comme cela)

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