The week in pix

The week started with a holiday, and plenty of time to start emptying boxes. But not to empty them all. Then, on Tuesday Eyquem went to the farm with the school to make butter, and on Wednesday, Gadea went to the ecomuseum for the first of several session about water. 
And on Thursday, Eyquem came to work with me for strike reasons (school schedules are changing and people complain). At Ensai:
He drew

 So now I have some new decorations:

 We also read, took pictures:

 Walked around and talked to a lot of people:

 Then it was time to go fetch Gadea, whose teacher was not on strike:

 Somehow, our rosebushes have decided to flower again:

 On Saturday we had fun shopping at the market, and then we prepared, and ate, a veal stroganoff. Niam:






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