Morning commute

It is raining this morning, looks like it will rain all day. We were still planning to go to school and daycare by bike. It is still in Eyquem (and therefore my) plans. But Gadea doesn’t want to, so she’ll have to run along. The reason: she doesn’t want to put her rain pants, because “her friends will laugh at her”. Sigh! 

Update: told Gadea she could take rain pants off while I locked the bike, *before* seeing her friends, so bicycling we went. But not after the first nervous moment since the departure: realized her rain coat is missing. She thought about it and is pretty sure she left it at the park. This did not please me so much, so she said it was not her fault, she was not forgetting it, but “someone ripped it out of her hands”. Had to tell her lying was much worse than forgetting. 






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