Our month

So here is how things went (photos to be added soon)
Alors voici comment cela c’est passé (photos à suivre)
(version francaise et espagnole a venir)
25-06: We prepared a cake (two in fact) to bring to the guarderia of Gadea, in addition to the “chuche” (sweets) packs…all that in the late evening given the heat.

26-06: Gadea came back tired but very happy from the guarderia with her long awaited crown

27-06: Department dinner at the finca of a colleague, in the middle of orange and lemon trees. Gadea super happy to jump for the first time in a swimming pool. In the evening, preparation of the cake for the following day party.

28-06: 4 friends of Gadea at home from 5 to 9:30, with one 6 year old older brother who was too jealous to go elsewhere, and 8 parents…in 35 degree heat (our living room reading)

29-06: Recovering

Rest of the week: choose things to ship

03-07: 3 nice british gents in their end of 40ies at home to box our stuff

04-07: Beach and swimming pool party with subset of the department

06-07: Seeing off party of the department

10-11-12 07: packing, 12th Gadea’s friend Cristina B’day party (anticipate for Gadea), 12th night Cesare Evoria concert, almost miss due to baby sitter default (forever greatful to Jose-Luis and )

13-07: selling furniture (and dismantling and helping charging) then finishing (not quite) packing at 3:15am

14-07: Noe, Gadea and Eyquem in the train with change of station in Madrid, then pick up in Leon by Vicen. Meanwhile remaining dude renting van (bigger than reserved, fewwww!) loading with the crucial help of Ricardo Miguel Angel and Javier, then driving up to Merida.

15-07: Noe, Gadea and Eyquem enjoying life in Ponferrada with primo Rodrigo…Meanwhhile driving van with stop in Casa de Caceres to by Torta de Casar (cheese) then (prolonged) stop in Toro to visit the Bendito winery…Had lunch with Anthony, the wine maker of one of current favorite wines. Discharging the van in Ponferrada.

16-07 to 24-07: Swimming pool in Ponferrada, some shopping, packing, shopping for suitcases, packing some more, visiting Casar de Burbia bodega…

24-07: Dropping off 6 suitcases and a stroller to be shipped to a hotel in Madrid close to the airport

25-07: Train trip to Madrid, then subway trip to the hotel

26-07: Flight Madrid to Zurich, arrival in Zurich at 12:15 (10 minutes late) Waite 8 minutes for stroller to show up, run across terminal 1A take train to terminal 2, security with check of baby food, run to gate arrival at the last possible moment but with the praise of the staff. Three separate seet reservedin plane, 10 minutes to find how to get at least one of the parents with 3 year old Gadea. Flight went super smooth after that.

26-07: In Montreal, smooth delivery of visas, less smooth to find cab to get us and our 6 suitcases and two strollers to hotel…Kids tired, sleep at 11.

27-07: 4am wake up call by Eyquem and Gadea…Fun in the suite, then breakfast at 7am then walk on St Catherine and visit to playground in park lafontaine…

28-07: 5am wake up call by same, paperwork of the day: carte soleil (public health insurance…will be active starting 1st of October) visit of outside of our future apartment (but still no contact with owner), playground and search for swimming pool towels, dinner.

29-07: wake up call at 6am…visit of apartment at 12 visit and registration of daycare for Gadea at 3, then swimming pool for Gadea…

To be followed






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  1. Mimi and Luiz Avatar

    WOW un mois mouvemente!! Bon courage avec la transition de retour a Montreal!

  2. Unknown Avatar

    Impresionantes fotos. Os echamos de menos
    El de la ensalada de anchoas

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