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  • Eyquem at home

    Eyquem is at home again. A combination of a cold, otitis, and constipation. After a morning waiting, we are at home and having “little Chinese eggs” or oeufs à la coque (see photos for name explanation.) Eyquem est de nouveau à la maison. Une combinaison de rhume, otite et constipation. Après une matinée à attendre,…

  • Waiting

    Waiting at the clinic. What would we do before tablets? En attente à la clinique. Que faisions-nous avant les tablettes? Esperando en la clínica. Que hicimos antes de las tabletas?

  • Eyquem’s cookies, courtesy Lisa

    Sunday was Eyquem’s birthday party. And Lisa, our nanny, had a great idea she wanted to try out: preparing a cookie decorating set for each kid. We considered decorating the cookies on the spot, for each kid to take home, but the number of kids and the weather, making group division impossible, discouraged us. So…

  • 4 years!

    From to 4 years already!

  • Primera paella de Eyquem!

    Here are the pics of Eyquem eating his first paella! The short story: we tought he had tried all the ingredients, and the paella wasn’t too salted…and then Gadea decided she wanted the rice cereals of Eyquem, and thus Eyquem got the paella (Gadea did change her mind and ate some of the paella too)…