Day 50

Today is a long-awaited day in the Danthine Navarro household. We have tickets for the Ghibli museum. So off we go. After a walk in the heat to reach Okubo station, a swift train ride, we are at Kichijoji station. The neighborhood seems nice. We walk, hunting for shade, until we reach the Inokashira park. It is a nice park with a medium-sized ponds, a bird sanctuary, a shrine. In it’s extension, next to the Ghibli museum, there is an athletic field open to the public. A little more effort and we can give our temperature, show our tickets, and get in the museum. The place is full of families with small to smaller kids, but there are many teens and adults, too. There are a bunch of exhibit rooms, to show how animation is made, to show how a creator gets his ideas, about an anime series that is being reissued. Of course, all the items exhibited, mini-films, drawings, scripts, story boards, are Ghibli based. The whole place is modelled according to different sites from famous Ghibli movies. On the roof, there are some references to the Castle in the Sky. In the café courtyards, references to Howl’s moving castle, and so on. With the entrance, you get a ticket with a band of film that you can keep as a souvenir and gives you access to the movie theater for a short anime. We get to see how an old couple of mountain farmers help a team of country mice sumo upset the rats. Nice and sweet.

After the visit, we go out in the park, Eyquem says he is thirsty, but in the end he is hungry, and a bit affected by heat. Unfortunately, it takes some effort to get him back home, as all stops to get food and sweet drinks are not effective. Thankfully, the Suika (watermelon) we have at home will rekindle him! Noe is the one who sacrifices to bring him home, while Gadea and Samuel make a few stops on the Chuo line to grab stamps 46-49. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will get the last two stamps to complete the Yamamote collection, and pass 50 out of 78 central Tokyo stations! 



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