Day 49

Today, we go visit the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. They have a beautiful retrospective exhibit on Gerhard Richter, in which you can follow clearly the evolution and the continuity. The permanent collection, which mainly holds Japanese artists from the Meiji era to now, is very interesting, too. We must admit we do not know that many of these Japanese artist, and it is interesting to see how the influence of traditional Japanese art is meshed with contemporaneous (to the artists) works from Europe. After a late Tonkatsu lunch, we brave the heat, walking around the Imperial gardens, take a peak at the famous Budokan, and visit the Yasukini Shrine, a Shrine that makes many cringe because of its link to military Japan. Two of the biggest Torii can be found on site. We then walk to Iidabashi, enjoy some Macha ice-cream, and go back home. 




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