Day 47

It’s Sunday, it’s hot, and we are behind on laundries, so the laundry is working early. We tidy things, relax a bit, and decide to go to a specific restaurant in Shinjuku, the specialty of which is beef tongue. We have a nice dinner, then proceed to shop for a while, or at least spot things we could buy before leaving. It is then 5pm, we go visit the Watering Hole, a craft beer bar. Last time we tried the Watering Hole, it was the 10th anniversary, and it was full full full. This time there is a space for 4. We enjoy some good drinks, then hunger appears, we decide to test the fare. It is more than fair, and we have a great time interacting with some charming people working there. A great time, we recommend the Watering Hole heartily! It is then time to go relax at home. 



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