Day 18

A morning of preparing suitcases and checking all is set for what is to come, and then we depart towards Roppongi Hills. Objective: visit the Mori Arts Museum and the Mori Tower Skydeck. We take a combination of JR train and subway and arrive at Roppongi station. It is way past noon, and lunch is in order. We find a Yakiniku place, ask for 4 places, wait a while, and eat a good meal. 

Next we find the Mori tower, pass by a Louise Bourgeois spider, and find the museum entrance. The current exhibit is “Listen to the Sound of the Earth Turning: Our Wellbeing since the Pandemic”. Exhibit items include a pollen square, a beewax room, Yoko Ono instruction art pieces, a room on domestic violence, a 24h time-lapse at the North Pole. It can clearly be characterized as contemporaneous art. Amongst our favorites: a huge tapestry made by coloring newspapers with a HB10 pencil, leaving only a few words and pictures. From far off, it looks like a starry sky!


Samuel looking form close up.

You can see it is newspaper!

Next we go up the sky deck for a beautiful 360 view of Tokyo. The day is hot and humid, so no chances of seeing the Fuji. But we can realize how large and spread out Tokyo is!

A stop for a tea and a milkshake at the viewpoint café is next. After a tour by the gift shop, we continue walking some more in the neighborhood. Then it is time to go home, eat a light meal, and go to bed: tomorrow we will be off and running early!



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