Day 16

After a long day full of cultural and sportive activities, and while the temperature is announced to be 37 degrees Celsius with a “real feel” of 42, Thursday is a real rest day. A short walk for Noe and Samuel to go shopping, otherwise work at home. But we also have to eat: objective: go get corn dogs for lunch. Corn dogs are sausages rolled in batter then fried. There are variants with a stick of mozzarella instead of sausage, and with pieces of potato in the batter. It is a snack imported in Korea and Japan from the US (as often) but adapted to the Korean sauce. We heard about corn dogs for the first time while watching “Midnight Diner” (a show that Noe and Samuel like a lot) a few years ago. And during our little WE in Rouen, we found a Korean restaurant specialized in the matter! We even tried to make some at home in Rennes. As we are in the heart of the Korean district, there are plenty of places that prepare it. Gadea, Eyquem and Samuel launch out in the heat in search of a place. But a lot of stores are closed. Finally, we find a place, choose our Corn Dogs (Sausage, Sausage and Potato, Mozzarella, and Mozzarella and Potato). After that, work at home and a relaxing evening. 



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