Day 13

 It’s Monday, and it’s again going to be hot. We were told to bring rainy season clothes for the first few weeks, but rainy season has gone too fast. 35C, real feel 39, and it is not going to get any cooler quickly. We work and study a bit at home, doing a double laundry and taking care of recycling and garbage while we are at it. Then we step in the heat, go to a bento place to buy some bento boxes, and join Noe for lunch at her office in Waseda. 

Working in Noe’s office

After lunch and some more work, we go out in the heat to recycle the bentos and have a look at Hiso-Hosogawa garden, but we arrive too late: it closes at 5pm. Noe, meanwhile, is participating in a thesis committee via Zoom. Despite the heat, we climb up a hill and reach St Mary’s cathedral. Dating from 1964 and made in stainless steel, it is certainly an interesting sight. After a quick rest, we proceed to go back down the hill, walk along the Kanda river, see a cormorant drying its wings (but not the branch in front of the phone when taking pictures…), and proceed to walk towards home. In Toyama park, we see a tree full of beetles (and many ants, too). They seem to be drinking something from the tree. As Eyquem pointed out, looked like there was an afterwork happy hour for beetles!

On the way to the park, an interesting building

A path next to the river

St Mary’s cathedral, from the side

St Mary’s cathedral from the front

crossing the river

Cormorant, hidden by the branch



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