Day 11

Saturday 25th of June. We wake up at 9am, the announced temperature outside is already 28C, real feel 33. It is expected to go up to 34C, real feel 38. Ouch. We will have to go in and out of shopping malls today. We start walking at 11am, in the heat. We get to a mall in the center of Shinjuku, go to Uniqlo to buy some quick drying and light pieces of cloth for most of us, as well as swim shorts to plan for next Wednesday. We pass by the gift section of a big department store, and can verify that you can bring: fruits; Nescafé; laundry supplies… as well as alcohol, some types of chocolates, and other usual stuff. 

Another view of Shinjuku
Nescafé gift box

Time to look for a place to eat. After walking in the heat for a while, we encounter a block of (very) small counter-only restaurants. After going round the place twice, we settle for a place where they offer mainly skewers of all sorts. We order, take some pictures, eat interesting skewers (squid, chicken skin, mushrooms, peppers, leeks, chicken, pork ribs…), pay and go to a big foreign language bookstore, then look for a bunch of cooking and dining stores. Finally, we try to find a craft beer place, find it, but it is the 10th anniversary and the place is completely full. We just go home, shower, and have a relaxing movie night at home. 

Shinjuku Tower from the small dinners place

Looking for a place to eat

In the dinner, cooling down



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