Day 9

 After the effort of the previous day, it was a work and rest day. Noe went to the office in the morning, Eyquem, Gadea, and Samuel stayed at home to work and read. At lunch time, the three of us went to explore a bit the other side of the Okubo and find a discount food supermarket to do some shopping. Shopping is an adventure for us here, as we cannot read much. Thankfully, Google translate (and its lens part) are helpful. But translations are often poetically surrealist, so you need to use your brain cells to put pieces together! Turns out, one can find ColaCao in the discount place 🙂

Next we stopped at a bento place, chose our lunches, and ate back at home. After some more work and reading at home, it was time to go to Waseda. During the walk in Toyama park, we saw these nice little birds, but haven’t yet identified the species. 

Arriving at the corner of the Ana-hachimangu Shrine, we saw an entrance we hadn’t spotted yet and decided to take a detour through the Shrine. Turns out the Shrine is way bigger than we first thought. A little walk in a part of campus we hadn’t seen yet, and some more work in Noe’s company. 

Back at home, we prepared some miso soup and rice with Tuna flakes, and had a quiet evening. 



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