When we visit cities with the kids, we always look to see if there are existing discovery rallies available. These allow us to discover parts of the city in a different way, discover elements we wouldn’t have looked at, learn about history, architecture and art, and it is great fun for Gadea and Eyquem. In fact they are able to walk much more during a day with this. An added benefit, if we equip them with a map, is that they learn to orient themselves with said map (you never know, they might find themselves in a city with a paper map and no battery in their phone one day 😉 ).

Bordeaux has some rallies for younger kids (we did them all) and some for older (teenage) ones that we will certainly be looking at in the coming weeks. Most of those you have to pay for (check out the page if you are interested). In Nantes, we found a trove of potential rallies for free on the town hall site, clearly ready for class exploration. And we enjoyed doing two of them!

Nantes is a nice city, full of historical buildings, with a river that was moved, and lots of culture. Jules Verne was from there (and the machines de l’île, which we did on another visit, are inspired) but also Jacques Demy (if you liked La La Land, you might want to check out Les demoiselles de Rochefort or Les parapluies de Cherbourg, amongst many other treasures he shot).

Any ways, you can take a little walk in the very center of Nantes with us.







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